Life Stories: Photo Elicitation Series

During the summer of 2014, four young adults courageously told us their life stories, sharing the human toll of housing insecurity. Melita faced the challenge of raising her children in an overcrowded home. Dominique confronted the anguish of coming out as gay to unaccepting family members. Sherrieff was alone and homeless after aging out of foster care. And Brandon spent his childhood and youth in shelters, determined to build a home and a future of his own.

This project, and the art included on this post under the title Life Stories, is not licensed by Creative Commons. Contact journey2home for permission.

Photographer: Nema Etebar
Interviewer: Dr. Carolyn Cannuscio
Assistant Artist: Amy Graves
Participants: Brandon Stokes, Sherrieff McCrae, Dominique Brisco, Melita Thompson

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