Ernel Martinez

Moments at the Table

(Murusun dan at the Dábula; Mementos en La Mesa)
Installation By: Ernel Martinez
Video By: Jon Kaufman
Special Thanks to: Elisabeth Perez-Luna

The kitchen or dining room table is often an icon in youth stories of home. It is a focal point for this installation, which will be used at key intervals in the project to take the story collecting on the road. The viewer is encouraged to take a seat at the table and respond to objects, listen to others’ stories and interact with others who might join the group.

December 10, 2013

On The Way Home

Artist in Residence:  Ernel Martinez
With teaching artists:  Jared Wood and Becky Miller
With E3 West Youth and Place to Call Home alumni

In this installation, one in a series of works by Ernel Martinez, he visualizes content through a coding system that represents data and language. Youth were given the opportunity to purchase Items from local merchants that could be used for or were representative of home. The configuration of color bands reference games and maps, emphasizing the choices (and liberation) youth seemed to experience in the process.

Shira Walinsky

Interactive Blackboard

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