At Youth Emergency Services, Freedom Theatre, Achieving Independence Center, and Red Shield, teaching artist Michael O’Bryan partnered with Junior Music Executives and other media organizations to run trauma-informed music workshops and discussions, with the goal of expanding the platform for youth voices in the issue. Participants learned music creation and production, then wrote and recorded original songs inspired by Dr. Cannuscio’s interviews with youths affected by housing insecurity. The workshops reached over 50 youths and their music is featured in Jon Kaufman’s documentary. Click here to view full credits.


This short video barely scratches the surface of the experience of journey2home. The staff, the youth participants, and the artists who worked together all have incredible stories, and collectively created a new story that goes beyond the project, helping to lift the veil on youth housing insecurity. A longer, more in-depth documentary on the project is in the works.
Directed by: Jon Kaufman
Sound: Darren Murray
Additional Camera: Richard Patterson

Art Is a Road Map is an audio mural by Elisabeth Perez-Luna of WHYY. This is one of two audio murals she created for the journey2home project, in which she draws from youth participant interviews and original music. Weaving threads of complicated stories they offer a glimpse of individuals’ lives through their words.

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